reconstituted cast stone
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Reconstituted Cast Stone - Carnmorestone

reconstituted cast stone


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Carnmorestone has been providing quarried reconstituted  cast  stone  to clients in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales at highly competitive prices for many years. our stone is sourced from a range of Irish quarries and moulded into many different products and shapes, achieving such fine detail, that we will meet the standards of the most exacting property owner and architect.

Colours, sizes, shapes and textures all in natural stone mean that we can meet and surpass the needs of any kind of building project, with such quality and cost effectiveness that we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Our products are green and eco friendly from start to finish. The  environmental case for reconstituted natural stone exceeds comfortably that of all the viable alternatives. Click through here to see how you will be making your positive choice for a better environment

We are proud to say also that every photograph you see on this site, features stone supplied by us.

Housing and Residential Estates


Natural stone, as it has done for centuries will lift the status, feel and ambience of any apartment or home.
For social housing our products create a humane, more gentle environment. Not brutal - but beautiful.
In Private housing it offers the best building traditions whilst at the same time providing for innovative and creative design
See a selection of our housing and residential gallery.

Commercial and Public Buildings


From offices, to retail, to libraries to universities. Natural stone gives any building the style, panache and gravitas that makes it notable and eye-catching. Click through here to view our extensive galleries of Commercial and Public Buildings

Interior and Exterior Fittings


A fireplace maybe or a door surround . A datestone or a nameplate. Carnmore can lift the style and quality of any environment. For a gallery of Interior and Exterior Fittings Click here.